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Benefits of Health Information Technology

The medical industry has experienced overwhelming advances over the last 50 years, and now even further steps are being taken to help optimize patient care. By turning to computer software, the use of health information technology is changing the landscape of patient and doctor relationships. The overwhelming benefits of this enhanced technology stand to drastically improve several different crucial aspects of how a physician is able to acquire any necessary information about a patient, and as a result, will increase the improvement of patient treatment.

technology benefits in health

One of the key goals of using this technology is the reduction of medical errors. Information about a patient’s on going health history would get stored in readable form, which would prevent medical mistakes due to a former physician’s poor hand writing. Quick and timely access to a patient’s health history documents would allow a doctor to pursue the necessary treatments or medications needed for a patient. These documents are maintained as part of a patient’s personal health record. The record would also contain any information about family health which could prove pertinent for future medical situations.

While the personal health records would be updated by an individual who is tracking their health status, the availability of these records in electronic file form, and their ability to be accessed by doctors is another aspect of the benefits of this technology. These records would allow doctors to not only be able to review a patient’s medical history, but would give them the ability to interconnect with any laboratories or other hospitals that the patient may have visited in the past. All tests performed on a patient, any blood work, or any regular treatments would be noted in these patient e-files, allowing the doctor to have a clear picture of every piece of pertinent information. This will help decrease the need for repetitive testing, expedite the treatment and most importantly allow doctors to communicate with any other health facilities on behalf of the patient.

The two overall goals of health information technology is to enhance the patient’s treatment and decrease medical errors. In a lot of situations, medical errors occur due to medications prescribed to a patient that may end up having a negative effect. Electronic prescribing notes of any drug interactions that may be harmful, allows the doctor to determine which medications are covered by the patient’s insurance, and allows for clear and accurate information being presented about the patient’s reactions to past administrations of certain medications.


How to Find a Belkin Router’s IP Address

The article intends to explain the procedure for finding a Belkin router’s IP address. The instructions compiled here are reliable and correct to date. However, we recommend you to follow them carefully to avoid running into troubles.

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a number assigned to each computer and router to communicate with each other or other such devices via the internet. The address enables you to log in to your Belkin router, setup port forwarding or wireless networking etc., or modify your existing settings among other things. There are two types of addresses viz. static and dynamic. You can choose to use either one on your Belkin router. The below mentioned tips will help you find the IP address of your Belkin router.


The default IP address for a Belkin router is The number usually comes included in the original Belkin router support documents viz. instruction manuals and login details and Belkin router setup media (installation disk), packed in the Belkin router kit. It might happen that you misplace your Belkin kit and forget your IP address as well and you still want to log in to your router to enable certain features like firewall or parental control urgently. This guide comes handy in such a situation. It tells you the ways of logging into your router and customizing it.

Open the Run program from the Start menu. Type ‘cmd’ (without quotes) and hit Enter. Alternatively, you can browse to the Start menu> All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt. In the Command Prompt window, type ‘ipconfig’ without quotes and hit Enter. It will bring up the IP address and other details of your computer and router. There comes up details like ‘Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway’ showing different numbers separated with three periods against each heading. Look at the numbers in front of Default Gateway; these are collectively called the IP address of your Belkin router. The IP address is the one that your computer is identified to.

If you have a wireless connection configured on your computer, you will see details like ‘Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Networking Connection: IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway’. Similarly, your Belkin router will be identified by Default Gateway, while the address will identify your wireless connection. When you are done making a note of the details, exit the Command Prompt window.

If you are a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user and you are unable to find Run and consequently open Command Prompt, use this method. Type the cmd command in the Start Search field and do not press Enter. It will show cmd.exe in the search results. Select the program and open it. Instead of this, you can browse to Start menu> All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt (like Windows XP) to open Command Prompt. When done, type the ipconfig command and check your IP address. You can write down the address details on a piece of paper if so desired. It will give you liberty from memorizing them. You can enter the details easily while configuring port forwarding or access point etc.

The other way of checking your IP address is to run the traceroute command. Open Command Prompt (see the above mentioned procedure for opening the utility) and type ‘tracert ‘ (without quotes) and hit the Enter key. The first result in the details will be the address of your Belkin router. The domain name is any website’s name that is used to test its route from the router. You can test any domain’s name to bring up the IP address. For example, type ‘tracert’ and hit Enter. The first result in all the details will be your Belkin router’s address.

Additional Tips:

You can also online check your router’s address. There are various websites that automatically show up your IP address when you browse to them.

If your IP address does not work or gives an error message when you enter it to configure some feature on your Belkin router, power off your computer and router. If there is a DSL modem connected between your router and computer, shut it down too. If still the IP address does not work, hard reset your router. Be cautious as hard resetting the router will erase all your existing configurations and restore it to the factory settings.


The Merchant Cash Advance Industry


The merchant cash advance industry provides working capital to small and mid-sized businesses in need of financing for reasons such as the purchase of new equipment or inventory, expansion or remodeling, payoff of debt or taxes, or emergency funding. The merchant advance industry has been rapidly growing in recent years as the credit crisis has lead to businesses not being able to tap conventional sources such as banks and commercial finance firms. merchant cash advance


The nature of the merchant cash advance product requires business owners to have a positive need for this alternative financing product. While a merchant cash advance is not a loan product, the SBA (Small Business Administration) does cater to a similar audience as the MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) industry. A traditional advance product underwrites the average visa/master card volume over a four month basis. Unless a cyclical business the same monthly average will apply the twelve most recent months of processing. The guts of this product are the factoring of future credit card receivables. Typically there are no personal guarantees, or collateral. Because this is not a loan, there are no terms associated with the purchase agreement. The business effectively agrees to sell a portion of their future credit card swipes today for a discount. The agreements are usually structured in assumptions of repayment, usually estimated in a six to nine month repayment cycle. Payoff is very simple. The merchant agrees to a small withhold of their future credit card swipes. This process takes place until the principal is paid down.


Business Loans are getting more challenging and so the emergence of the Merchant Cash Advance industry is booming. Business cash advances are accompanied by fast approval and even faster cash in merchant’s bank account. Underwriting is very simple. The advance doesn’t show up on personal credit of the owner. Businesses continue to show the need for the Merchant Cash Advance product. “Business Week” reports that the size of the merchant cash advance industry jumped 50% in 2007, to around $700 million.


Merchants want to know how it works and what it will mean for them. The business owner must use the providers’ credit card processor because the advance is paid back automatically as a percentage of each batch’s proceeds. Business cash advances are unquestionably more costly than traditional bank loan financing; it is simply an alternative to strenuous applications to banks looking for all sorts of collateral on the business and personally on the owner. This is a rapid financing option that utilizes future sales, hence no collateral on the advance. Cash providers contend that they can continue to collect from credit card receipts even after a business has filed for bankruptcy (when the automatic stay protects the business from most loan collection efforts). Credit card funding is becoming one of the fastest growing financing niches in the US. Cash advances are not just for little merchants programs are available up to $5 million dollars.

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

This program recently started providing an alternative to a split on the credit card receivables. Its underwritten on the bank cash flow. Repayment as well out of the bank account, with a fixed debit daily on business banking days.
The program also funds nontraditional SIC codes of different business types like attorneys, accountants and other business that don’t conventionally process credit cards.


The starter market has evolved rapidly over the course of the last three years. It essentially covers all of the fall out of the conventional credit card advance program. This programs is geared to business’s that can’t qualify for a traditional advance. Less than one year in business is, open liens, bankruptcies, foreclosure, judgments and high risk industry are funded in the program.


Workouts and Workouts – Should You Consider L-Leucine By using supplements?

When it comes to keeping your advancement in one piece exactly where your workout lessons are usually concerned, there is the one thing you will want in order to focus on, and that will is healthful amino chemical supplementation. Most people will be currently aware of typically the importance of proteins powder for maximizing their own outcomes. Also, proteins talc will be an outstanding addition to almost any diet plan and something you need in order to consider adding on a good regular basis. However, above that, certain amino stomach acids as well play critical functions with your progress, and when these are overlooked an individual could be missing out on several benefits.
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One particular amino acid that appears to be to be specifically essential is L-Leucine. How much does that do and thinking about take it? Let us look at this throughout better detail…

1. Improved upon Necessary protein Synthesis. The first help you will find using L-Leucine is improved healthy proteins activity rates simply by up for you to 25% which means anyone will dsicover quicker results via the hard do the job an individual are putting in at the gym and also get better recovery.

Those that supplement with this amino acid typically notice less tenderness between their exercise classes likewise because this muscles are recouping faster.

2. Improved Energy. Next, you can also anticipate to view better overall energy levels if you add L-Leucine to your diet program thanks to the fact having stronger and more recoverable muscles; you experience better entire.

Low levels of energy are frequently equated with not possessing enough carbohydrates within your eating plan, and for individuals who have already been clinically diagnosed with Type 2 diabetic, adding more is not always the option. In case it is since you are short with key amino acids, such as L-Leucine, this is definitely a much simpler fix.

On top of the fact that, there is in addition a lower risk of lean muscles mass tissue breakdown as soon as you use L-Leucine, which will can in addition mean increased energy levels too. Using less cortisol in your program, you will feel far better, reduced run down, in addition to your risk of extra weight associated with cortisol is going to also be reduced.

3 or more. Heart Health Benefits. Last but not least, L-Leucine may also offer you great heart wellness positive aspects as well. It provides been shown to assist decrease cholesterol levels and might also help reduce typically the hardening of the arteries. In the event that cardiovascular system health is a new concern for you, this particular may well also be enough cause to consider supplements.

You can frequently locate L-Leucine in any branched-chain amino acid product in the market since it is the branched-chain amino acid. Which said – taking the health supplement on its individual can offer best of all results.

Don’t overlook just what L-Leucine can do for you: this is one source of nourishment you will not need to fall short on in the event you are frequently doing the job out in the health club in addition to hoping to see optimal benefits.

Although managing Type 2 diabetes is often very challenging, that is not really a condition you must merely live with. Help to make simple changes to your regular routine – include work out to aid lower both the blood sugar levels plus your weight.