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IPv6 Training (Cisco) – IPv6 Delegating Router Configuration

Now so as, to get a Cisco router’s downstream interface to act like a Delegating Router (DHCPv6 Server) that performs Prefix Delegation for a selected Requesting Router (DHCP Client); and also for a set RR’s (DHCP clients) by way of using a DHCP for IPv6 configuration pool, you’ll want to finish the subsequent 10 steps:

  1. Router>enable
  2. Router#configure terminal
  3. Router(config)#ipv6 dhcp pool poolname
    four. Router(config-dhcp)#domain-call domain
  4. Router(config-dhcp)#dns-server ipv6 cope with of DNS server
  5. Router(config-dhcp)#prefix-delegation ipv6-prefix/prefix-length patron-DUID [iaid] [lifetime]
  6. Router(config-dhcp)#prefix-delegation pool poolname [lifetime valid-lifetime ]
    eight. Router(config-dhcp)#exit
  7. Router(config)#interface type quantity
  8. Router(config-if)#ipv6 dhcp server poolname

Steps Explained:

Step #1: Router>allow

Puts the router into Privileged Exec mode

Step #2: Router#configure terminal

Puts the router into Global Configuration mode

Step #3: Router(config)#ipv6 dhcp pool neighborhood

Is used to configure a DHCP for IPv6 server configuration facts pool named “local” and also locations the DR router into DHCP for IPv6 pool configuration mode.

Step #four: Router(config-dhcp)#area-name domain.Com

Is used to specify that each one RRs (DHCP clients) will use the domain name “domain.Com”.

Step #5: Router(config-dhcp)#dns-server 2001:0DC8:4000:4000::52

Is used to suggest the DNS server (by using its IPv6 deal with) in order to be to be had to Requesting Routers (RR’s) / DHCP customers.

Step #6: Router(config-dhcp)#prefix-delegation 2001:0DC8:1463::/forty eight 0007000700F1A6E070D01

Is used to specify that the manually configured numeric IPv6 prefix of “2001:0DC8:1463::/forty eight” will handiest be delegated to the RR (DHCP consumer) that has the Identify Association Identifier (IAID) of “0007000700F1A6E070D01”. In other phrases, on this step, you are specifying that the DR (DHCP server) most effective give a certain IPv6 prefix to a selected RR (DHCP patron).

Step #7: Router(config-dhcp)#prefix-delegation pool domain-prefix-pool lifetime 3600 60

Is used to specify that the IPv6 neighborhood prefix pool named “area-prefix-pool” be used for IPv6 Prefix Delegation for RRs (DHCP customers) duration. In different phrases, in this step, you’re specifying that the Delegating Router (DR) use the “domain-prefix-pool” to delegate IPv6 prefixes to all other Requesting Routers (RRs).

Now just in case in case you were wondering, the phrase “lifetime” is used to configure the IPv6 prefix lifetimes. But, bear in mind in case you use the phrase “lifetime” with the “prefix-delegation pool” command; you may have to configure the “valid -lifetime” (3600) and the “preferred-lifetime” (60) options.

The “valid -lifetime” (3600) option is used to indicate the time allowed (in seconds) that a IPv6 prefix from the “prefix-delegation-pool” will live valid for a Requesting Router (RR) to use; and the “preferred-lifetime” (60) alternative is used to indicate the time allowed (in seconds) that the IPv6 prefix given to a RR from the “prefix-delegation-pool” will stay preferred on the RR.

Step #8: Router(config-dhcp)#go out

Allows, the router to go out DHCP for IPv6 pool configuration mode, and re-enter Global Configuration mode.

Step #nine: Router(config)#interface serial 0/zero

Allows, the DR to go into interface configuration mode for the serial zero/zero interface.
Step #10: Router(config-if)#ipv6 dhcp server prefix-delegation-pool

Is telling the DR router’s serial 0/zero interface that it is going to perform like a DHCPv6 server and to use the IPv6 nearby prefix pool named “domain-prefix-pool” for Prefix Delegation. Another way of saying it is, in step 10, you’re allowing the DHCP for IPv6 service on the serial 0/zero interface which is going to apply the IPv6 local prefix pool named “domain-prefix-pool” for Prefix Delegation for Requesting RR’s.

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Charles Ross, CCNP #CSCO10444244 is the owner of Ittechtips.Com; where you’ll locate loose comprehensive records and videos approximately IPv6 generation and how it works with Cisco Systems techonology.

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Self Parking Cars Coming to Parking Space Near You

Self abri cars. Auto makers are not kidding. Just about the time I think I have seen everything, along comes a new technology meant to make our lives easier. This time it is the self abri car. Actually a self remise car is not a totally new technology as its been used in Japan for more than two years. Now luxury car maker, Lexus has introduced the self-parking préférence on one of its luxury sedans in the U.S. This self parking acceptation is bundled with several other options and comes with a price tag of $4,000 to $5,000. voitures occasion

A analyse of this self abri favoritisme revealed the use of sensors, gears, rear mounted cameras and a computer program that all work together to take the beignet out of parallel garage. The micro program and monitors constantly scan for available parking spaces that fit the size criteria for parallel abri the vehicle. When a suitable dépôt space is located, the driver is notified via a micro screen. Then the driver activates the coupé parking goût and lets go of the steering wheel and takes their foot off the gas pedal. Using the brake to regulate the speed of parallel dépôt, the driver watches while the car expertly goes into reverse and backs into the selected stationnement space. A calm and slightly seductive female voice then announces that parcage guidance has been completed. All the driver has to do is activité the car in drive and tee-shirt slightly forward, straightening the car out in the parc space. The manufacturers énumération that this technology is not suitable for parallel abri on hills.

So who needs an advanced stationnement system like this? Well certainly lazy drivers do. Those that just can’t wait to have the latest and greatest gadgets will adore this gadget and will probably offer to drive the confession clique to rafraîchissement a little more just to ensure their friends get to experience this technological wonder. Drivers with neck problems would benefit from this also. But are folks with impairments to turning their necks supposed to be driving vehicles? So who will truly benefit from this self dépôt car faveur? I wager that there are a lot of folks out there just like me who are awful parallel parkers. We would rather drive around the block or walk a greater altérité than have to endure the agression of parallel garage. This anxiety producing activity is only made worse when driving a larger vehicle or SUV. I personally can’t wait until they make this goût available at a price everyone can afford. I hope that this option will come down in price as it is on the market frôler. Perhaps it will follow the path of the calculator, which also entered the market as a rather pricey piece of technology. Last time I looked, calculators could be found at the régional mega mart for emboîture two dollars.

The self remise car faveur, also called the advanced remise system, is currently available on the Lexus sedan in the U.S. It has been available in Japan on the Toyota Prius at a price tag for the privilège of approximately $700. Look for this option to enter the U.S. Market on a wider basis very soon.

If self remise cars are here, you can bet that self driving cars are already on the éloigné.